Messianic Worship and Congregations

What goes on in Messianic Jewish worship? And why is it important?

Messianic congregations are not new — there were hundreds of these congregations in Europe prior to the Holocaust! Sadly, they were destroyed along with the Jewish communities they served.

Most of the missions to the Jewish people operating in Europe at that time created special congregations for the Jewish people who came to faith in the Messiah Jesus. In fact, we have been planting Messianic congregations for all of our 123 years of ministry!


  • Chosen People Ministries was founded by Rabbi Leopold Cohn, who came to faith on the Lower East Side of Manhattan in 1892. He established our ministry in Brooklyn in 1894.
  • Rabbi Cohn reached out to the Jewish people at that time in a variety of ways, as most of those he reached were new Jewish immigrants to the United States, like himself.
  • He started food distribution centers, citizenship training, English-as-a-second-language instruction, a free medical clinic, and of course, began preaching the Gospel in parks, public areas, and through weekly and holiday services.
  • Rabbi Cohn understood that it would be best for Jewish believers to worship on Friday night and Saturday as this would cause the least degree of cultural disruption for Jewish seekers and for new Jewish believers in Jesus.

Many Messianic Jews continue to worship on Friday night and Saturday at this present time.

The 150-plus Messianic congregations in Israel, where there has been tremendous growth of new congregations over the last two decades, all worship on Saturday!

(Sunday is a work day in Israel. Congregations that worship on Sunday are primarily established for non-Jews who live in the Holy Land.)

Of course, it is important for Messianic Jews to be part of a local church or Messianic congregation — just as it is important for all believers to be part of a faith community.

We also believe it is important for Jewish believers to maintain their Jewish identities in the Messiah, as God made us who we are and has planned and promised a future for the Jewish people.

The Apostle Paul would agree. He wrote in Romans 11:1, “I say then, God has not rejected His people, has He? May it never be! For I too am an Israelite, a descendant of Abraham, of the tribe of Benjamin.”

Jewish Identity and Messianic Congregations

Why is this so critical?

Consider: The number one reason Jewish people do not want to follow the Messiah Jesus is because it is assumed that when a Jewish person professes faith in Jesus, they are rejecting their Jewishness and committing ethnic suicide! This is the perception among the vast majority of Jewish people. And nothing could be further from the truth!

  • We want to remove this very obstacle from Jewish people as our Jewish people consider the claims of the Messiah.
  • We also believe it is healthy for Jewish people to understand that based upon the Abrahamic covenant (Genesis 12:1-3) the Jewish people continue to have a unique role in this world.
  • When you read through the Epistles, the Apostle Paul speaks about the unity of Jews and Gentiles, and so it is important for Jewish people to maintain their identity, as this is part of our witness of unity in the Messiah.
  • Unity is not a miracle when everyone is the same (Galatians 3:28).
  • While not every Messianic Jew is best served in a Messianic Jewish congregation, we find many Jewish believers in the Messiah Jesus prefer it.
  • And it is a wonderful corporate testimony to other Jewish people. 

What is Unique About a Messianic Congregation?

Some people have asked, “What is the difference between a local evangelical church and a Messianic congregation?” This is a good question!

  • Let me say from the start that Messianic Jews believe the same core doctrines as evangelical Christians.
  • The difference is not doctrinal and, of course, Messianic Jews all believe that the only way to receive salvation is through accepting Jesus as our atonement for sin.
  • His incarnation, resurrection and soon return are doctrines cherished by all Messianic Jews I know and especially those associated with Chosen People Ministries.

So what makes a Messianic congregation unique? Simply, we express our faith in Jesus the Messiah in a more “Jewish” way. We have already established that these congregations most often meet on Friday night or Saturday morning. This is a testimony in itself.

When Jewish people ask me what day I worship, they expect me to say “Sunday,” and then they conclude that I have “converted” and am no longer Jewish.

But if, when they ask me, I say we worship on Friday night or Saturday morning, then they are puzzled and do not understand why I worship on Saturday.  This often provides an opening to explain about Jesus, the Jewish Messiah. “Wait,” they say, “I thought you were Christian?”

I usually respond with, “Well, if by Christian you mean a follower of the Jewish Messiah, then absolutely yes…you can call me a Christian. But, if by naming me a Christian you mean that I am no longer Jewish, then you are wrong…I am still Jewish, but believe that Jesus is my promised Messiah.”

There are other differences, too:

Most Messianic congregations celebrate the Jewish holidays as fulfilled in the Messiah Jesus. This would include:

  • Passover (and Feast of Unleavened Bread),
  • First Fruits,
  • Pentecost (Shavuot),
  • New Year (Rosh Hashanah),
  • the Day of Atonement (Yom Kippur),
  • and Tabernacles (Sukkot).

I believe that the festivals are road maps to redemption leading us to the person of Jesus, the Jewish Messiah. Messianic congregations can provide these special ministries as they schedule congregational life around the Jewish calendar, which provides many opportunities for the Jewish family and friends of Messianic Jews to come and see the “Jewishness” of Jesus rather than simply hear about it!

You only need to attend a Messianic congregation on a Jewish holiday, wedding, or even a funeral service, to see how Jewish non-believers respond to what occurs in the service. The testimony is profound.

Also the music in a Messianic service has a more “Jewish style.” Some aspects of the service are in Hebrew, and the order of service is more like a combination of a church and a synagogue service. There is a heavy emphasis on reading the Bible, just as there is in a synagogue, and a sermon is preached—usually longer than the brief 15-minute sermon preached by the average rabbi.

The fellowship afterwards is similar, but you can expect more bagels!

The Witness of a Messianic Congregation

Just imagine what it would be like to bring your friend or relative to a Chosen People Ministries’ Messianic congregation to enjoy a Jewish holiday event! We believe that hearing the message of the Gospel in a Jewish setting adds to the clarity and power of our witness.

Chosen People Ministries serves many Jewish believers who regularly attend local churches but need the additional Messianic Jewish fellowship and training. This is also one of the reasons we provide camping programs, retreats, and trips to Israel for young adults, and more. We want to help strengthen the identity and testimony of Jewish believers in Messianic congregations and also those who are part of local churches.


Let me invite you to experience a Messianic worship service yourself, by visiting one of our Chosen People Ministries’ Messianic congregations.


Thank you for your understanding, love and support.

Dr. Mitch Glaser
President of Chosen People Ministries

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Anti-Semitic graffiti in NYC Subway

Some things are just too horrible to let pass! This was the theme of an article, which appeared in a recent copy of the New York Times. The horrible act that could not go unnoticed was the writing of anti-Semitic statements on the walls of subway cars in New York City. A number of good Samaritans saw the remarks and came up with the idea of erasing them utilizing hand cleaner which has high alcohol content and is able to cut through the thick, waxy strokes of a permanent marker.

I cannot tell you how happy I am that these everyday New Yorkers took the initiative to act on their outrage and eradicate these despicable statements. In fact, one of those who was part of this admirable neighborly act took some pictures with his phone of the graffiti being erased and posted it on his Facebook site. Thankfully, more than a half-million people – and growing – took note of what was done and affirmed his actions and those of the others who would not allow these horrific statements to stand and be seen by others.

As a New Yorker, a Jewish person and a follower of Jesus the Messiah – I am impressed by what these good citizens did on behalf of the Jewish people. By their names, it does not seem that any of those who took action were actually Jewish themselves.

It seems to me that as long as we have brave souls who will not sit back and allow others to vent their hate in public – actions which tend to embolden those who already have twisted racial views including anti-Semitism – I believe that our country has hope!

You have probably heard the overused statement that all we need to do to allow the cancer of tyranny and hatred to destroy our souls in our community – is nothing. There are two verses in the Bible that these brave souls put into action – probably without knowing it – that might inspire our continued noble resistance to hatred against Jewish people and others.

First of all, the Jewish prophet Micah, writes,

He has told you, O man, what is good; And what does the Lord require of you but to do justice, to love kindness, and to walk humbly with your God? (Micah 6:8)

Additionally, Jesus the Messiah said,

You are the salt of the earth; but if the salt has become tasteless, how can it be made salty again? It is no longer good for anything, except to be thrown out and trampled under foot by men. (Matthew 5:13)

Clearly, I am not neutral on the actions taken by these goodhearted, just, kindness-loving, humble, and I might add, brave, New Yorkers and appreciate their immediate actions on behalf of the Jewish people and against racial hatred in general. Erasing those remarks took courage. Their quick thinking acts of heroism demonstrate to me that New Yorkers, and hopefully Americans in general, believe we have a culture of freedom, respect, and goodness that is worth preserving.  And we are willing to put our action to our most cherished values.


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February 7, 2017 · 4:41 PM

Extraordinary times to be alive!

We live in extraordinary times as the events of the last days described by Jesus seem to be unfolding before our very eyes. 

…See to it that no one misleads you. For many will come in My name, saying, “I am the Christ,” and will mislead many. You will be hearing of wars and rumors of wars. See that you are not frightened, for those things must take place, but that is not yet the end. For nation will rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom, and in various places there will be famines and earthquakes. But all these things are merely the beginning of birth pangs. (Matthew 24:4-8)

Do you see it? This makes fulfilling the Great Commission of reaching the world (Matthew 28:19-20) for Jesus all the more important as we see the day drawing closer.

As Jesus’ disciples, we are moved and motivated by the hope of the Second Coming of Jesus!

This raises the importance of training evangelists to the Jewish people to an even greater magnitude. The Apostle Paul reminds us that the Gospel is “to the Jew first…and also to the Gentile” (Romans 1:16).

This is why we founded the Charles L. Feinberg Center for Messianic Jewish Studies in the heart of Orthodox Jewish Brooklyn.

The Center is a unique seminary program awarding a Master of Divinity degree in Messianic Jewish Studies, and is a partnership with the Talbot School of Theology of Biola University, and fully accredited by the New York Board of Regents and the Association of Theological Schools.

It is our goal to train and equip an army of Jewish evangelists to serve the Lord today and tomorrow. We have our eyes on the present, but because of what the Bible promises, we also have our hearts set on the future.

  1. Your Mission to the Jewish People is now in 18 countries and in 25 cities around North America, presenting the Gospel to the Jew first and also to the Gentile day in and day out.
  2. We minister heart-to-heart and person-to-person.
  3. Our media evangelism is already reaching millions. We are ministering on campuses and in urban areas with high concentrations of Jewish people like New York, Los Angeles, South Florida, Chicago, Toronto, London, Jerusalem, and Tel Aviv!
  4. We are helping the poor and planting Messianic congregations as part of our efforts to help those coming to faith in the Lord to become true followers who can lead others to the truth.

All of these ministries require leaders. This is why training missionaries to the Jewish people is so critical!

Feinberg Students are Learning on the Job!

Our Feinberg Center is in Brooklyn — the home of almost a million Jewish people! The center houses two Messianic Jewish congregations, one English-speaking and one Russian.

The students who live in the housing at the Center are involved with the congregations and are learning firsthand what it is like to worship Jesus in a Jewish setting. They are able to serve the Lord in the congregation through discipling new believers, teaching children’s programs, doing evangelism, greeting visitors and accompanying the pastoral staff on visitation.

As the following testimonies show, it is a rich and multifaceted education. Tanya, one of our students who comes from Ukraine writes, 

Living at the Feinberg Center has given me a unique opportunity to commit to the Russian-speaking congregation that meets downstairs and better connect with many of the people who attend support groups, Bible studies, concerts, etc. I highly value the blessing of being so easily available when somebody needs me. Living here helps an international student like me to be more involved in the community life.

-Tanya K.

Another of our student’s reports, 

Living in Brooklyn is of great advantage to my training in Jewish ministry because of the abundance of natural interactions with unbelieving Jewish people this setting provides on a daily basis. Here, I can converse with the Jewish people as a normal part of their environment in Brooklyn. 

-Joel M.

Campus ministry is also important, as there are thousands of Jewish college students attending school in New York City. Doug Pyle, who serves as mentor for the student workers, tells us about the eager participation of the students who have been going with him on a regular basis to various campuses in the Greater New York City area:

This past fall, four students from the Feinberg Center — Elisabeta, Tanya, Austin and Jessica — have gone with me weekly to university campuses such as Queens College, NYU, and Columbia University. I haven’t words to tell how grateful I am to see Feinberg students engaged in giving out the Gospel to Jewish students and others on university campuses. I am trusting that their exposure to campus ministry will result in some of them going into campus ministry here and elsewhere when they graduate. 

Graduates of the Program

Since the program began in the spring of 2007, there have been 15 graduates now trained to reach Jewish people with the Good News of the Messiah. Our students usually graduate without student debt, because generous and sacrificial supporters like you help underwrite the costs of the program.

Brian Crawford, a graduate of the Class of 2015, shares this:

The Feinberg Center provided me with the tools and the knowledge to interact with the sea of Jewish thought in multiple languages. Since graduating, my focus has been on building a Messianic apologetics website with an innovative design and a unique series of apologetics articles for Jewish audiences.

Darlene Line, from the Class of 2013, tells us:

Since graduating from the Feinberg Center in 2013, numerous doors have opened allowing me to share the Gospel with Jewish people and to train the church to do the same. I serve as a missionary with Chosen People Ministries in New Jersey and New York, as well as on the Mission’s Leadership Advisory Team. I am teaching weekly and bi- monthly Bible studies in Staten Island and Brooklyn, and also coordinating Jewish evangelistic outreaches on the campus of Rutgers University in New Jersey.

Denise Chung, who graduated in the spring of 2016, is from Hong Kong and is now serving the Lord among the Jewish people in New York City:

My four years of seminary training at the Feinberg Center and on the Biola campus has consolidated my Bible knowledge and personal application of the Word. The well-roundedness of Talbot’s Messianic Jewish Studies program has equipped me with both theological and practical training to serve in a unique Jewish ministry.

We are grateful to see the Lord using these graduates to be a light to the Jewish people! All of our graduates tell us that the training at the Feinberg Center was life changing and ministry shaping and so very valuable in their witness to the Jewish community.

Yours in the Messiah,

Dr. Mitch Glaser
President of Chosen People Ministries

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2017: A Critical Time for Bringing the Message of New Life to the Jewish People

It was an exciting panel discussion — the exploration of one of the great passages describing the end-time salvation of Israel and the Jewish people in the last days — and I had been asked to be part of it!

The Carl Henry Center for Theological Understanding on the campus of Trinity Evangelical Divinity School in Deerfield, Illinois, hosted the conversation on Romans 11:25-29 … 

For I do not want you, brethren, to be uninformed of this mystery—so that you will not be wise in your own estimation—that a partial hardening has happened to Israel until the fullness of the Gentiles has come in; and so all Israel will be saved; just as it is written, “The Deliverer will come from Zion, He will remove ungodliness from Jacob.” “This is my covenant with them, when I take away their sins.” From the standpoint of the gospel they are enemies for your sake, but from the standpoint of God’s choice they are beloved for the sake of the fathers; for the gifts and the calling of God are irrevocable.

The following is part of my contribution to the discussion of this prophetic passage — which has much to say about our work together and Israel’s salvation:

The questions that emerge from our reading of Romans 11:25-29 are especially important for me. Their substance forms the very basis for my identity as a Messianic Jew and my expectations regarding the future of my relatives and extended Jewish family.

I would imagine that this was no different for the apostle Paul, for I believe that Romans 9-11 is the section of this great epistle where the apostle bares his heart and soul for his people—the nation of Israel.

In Romans 11:25-27, Paul is describing the end of an era in which the Jewish people are estranged from God because the Jewish leaders had rejected Jesus at His first coming.

However, based upon Paul’s argument in these three chapters, it is clear that God has not rejected the Jewish people at all (Romans 11:1) and has preserved a remnant within the nation (Romans 11:5), until the day when the remnant will actually become the nation. In this passage, the apostle Paul tells us that in the end God will save “all” Israel, which I would understand this as the entirety of the nation of Israel who are alive at that time.

This cataclysmic end-time event occurs after what the apostle Paul describes as the fullness of the Gentiles has come in. It is evident from this passage that prior to the salvation of national Israel and the end of days there will be a season where God is working among the Gentiles in a special way—grafting numerous wild olive branches into the olive tree as described in Romans 11:16-24.

Israel’s Hope for Salvation

This great event is more fully described in other passages of Scripture—especially in certain sections of the Old Testament. For example, Zechariah 12 seems to prophetically document the process by which the end-time remnant of ethnic Israel comes to know the Lord.

Dr. Charles Feinberg, in his commentary on Zechariah, writes the following about the context of this passage:

The actual events, world embracing in character, which are presented include the world confederacy against Jerusalem:  the conviction of Israel nationally by the Spirit of God; the presentation of Christ as their rejected Messiah; the National Day of Atonement; the cleansing of the hearts of the nation; the purging of the land from idolatry; the crucifixion of the Messiah, the time of Jacob’s trouble, the partial success of the nations invading Palestine (Israel) and besieging Jerusalem; the appearance of the Messiah for His people; their rescue and his coming with his saints; the changed and renovated Holy Land; the Feast of Tabernacles and more![1]

The events described are future to our day. The nations of the earth will surround the Jewish people. Jerusalem will be about to fall. But God will intervene and send His Son to save His chosen people.

Verse 10 is clearly the highlight of the prophecy. The prophet writes,

And I will pour on the house of David and on the inhabitants of Jerusalem the Spirit of grace and supplication; then they will look on Me whom they pierced. Yes, they will mourn for Him as one mourns for his only son, and grieve for Him as one grieves for a firstborn (Zechariah 12:10).

In effect, Romans 11:25-26 is the fulfillment of Zechariah 12:10. And if you add to this Romans 11:12 and 11:15, the picture of future redemption painted by Paul now takes on a greater shape and context.

Your Role in Reaching Jewish People for Jesus

Where do we stand today? In a practical sense, we should look back to Romans 11:11, where the apostle writes, “I say then, they did not stumble so as to fall, did they? May it never be! But by their transgression salvation has come to the Gentiles, to make them jealous.”

I believe these are the marching orders for the Church with regard to Jewish evangelism.

Gentiles are called to make Jewish people jealous with the Gospel. This Gospel proclamation, through word and deed, to your Jewish friends and family will be God’s way to move us closer to the great day when all Israel will be saved.

You never know if the Jewish person you are talking to about the Lord might be one of those who are part of this end-time remnant of “all Israel.” And, of course, we hope to see our Jewish loved ones come to faith in Jesus now and enjoy the abundant life He brings.

So, what can you do today to make a difference in the lives of your Jewish friends?

  1. Pray for the salvation of your Jewish friends and loved ones.
  2. Ask God to give you an open door to speak to your friend or relative about Jesus.
  3. Share Chosen People Ministries resources with your Jewish friends. We have lots of tracts, brochures and books such as Isaiah 53 Explained you can give to your Jewish friends.
  4. Invite them to view our online resources by going to or to hear dozens of testimonies of Messianic Jews who have found the Lord as their Messiah at
  5. Invite your friend or relative to a Messianic congregation or Bible study. Check our website to see if there is one near you or call us at 212-223-2252 to find a place you can bring your Jewish friend to hear about the Lord.

May this year be a year of great blessing for you and your family as we take one step further towards the return of our blessed Messiah and Savior Jesus!
Yours in Messiah,

Dr. Mitch Glaser


[1] Feinberg, Charles, The Prophecies of the Prophet Zechariah, Chicago, Ill:  Moody Press pg. 219

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A New Year Tradition

Our Heritage

Chosen People Ministries is now 123 years old. We were founded by Rabbi Leopold Cohn who came from Hungary in 1892 to look for freedom and a safe place to raise his family because of the rampant antisemitism in most of Eastern Europe during those years.

To his great surprise, he heard a Jewish man preaching the Gospel at a church on the Lower East Side of Manhattan and accepted Jesus as his Messiah.

Rabbi Cohn then dedicated his life to proclaiming the Good News of the Messiah to his fellow Jewish people and began this work in Brooklyn.

Now, all these years later, our headquarters is in Manhattan, we have a beautiful new Messianic center in the heart of Orthodox Jewish Brooklyn, and we are serving the Jewish people in 20-plus North American cities and 17 countries around the globe.

A New Year Tradition

It was commonplace for Rabbi Cohn and Joseph, his son who followed him in leadership, to write a special letter every January to remind their partners of the importance of Jewish evangelism.

Oftentimes the articles were based upon Romans 1:16,

For I am not ashamed of the gospel, for it is the power of God for salvation to everyone who believes, to the Jew first, and also to the Greek.

I would like to continue this tradition and share a few thoughts on this great passage of Scripture, to remind us in this new year of the imperative to preach the Gospel to the Jewish people.

Romans 1:16 for Today

The Greek word used by Paul and translated “first” is protos.¹ It implies a priority,² rather than a sequential order of events.³ The word is also used in Matthew 6:33 where the Lord Jesus reminds us to seek first the kingdom of God.

The kingdom of God should always be sought as a priority in our lives, even as we seek other things. In a similar way, reaching Jewish people with the Gospel must be a priority concern for all who know the Lord Jesus as their Savior.

Paul, the Apostle to the Gentiles, focused his ministry on reaching non-Jews with the Gospel message. But, this did not lessen his concern for the salvation of the Jewish people.

Wherever Paul went in his ministry among the Gentiles he also tried to preach the Gospel to the Jewish people living in that area (Acts 13:13-52; 14:1-7; 18:7-11; 19:8-10). He would regularly attempt to evangelize the Jewish people of a particular city before he spoke to the Gentiles.

The salvation of the Jewish people was an ever present concern for Paul and his actions in the Book of Acts reveal his understanding of what he wrote in Romans 1:16.4

The main reason Paul asks the Roman believers to prioritize preaching the Gospel among the Jewish people is because of what he tells them later on in Romans 11:25-27 regarding a future day when “all Israel will be saved.”

It is clear that the Apostle establishes a link between the second coming of Jesus and the salvation of the Jewish people (see also Acts 3:19-20). This is why, I believe, Paul asks the Church to make Jewish evangelism a priority.

What Now?

We cannot wait for what is prophesied when we already have a mandate to disciple all nations-—including the Jewish people.

As Paul wrote earlier in Romans 10,

How then shall they call on Him in whom they have not believed? And how shall they believe in Him of whom they have not heard? And how shall they hear without a preacher? (Romans 10:14)

We know the Gospel must be preached to Jewish people as some will come to faith today and others will have their hearts prepared for tomorrow.

The Jewish Evangelism Mandate for Gentiles

It is what the New Testament commands: the Apostle Paul envisions a special role for Gentile believers in presenting the Good News to the Jewish people. He writes,

I say then, have they stumbled that they should fall? Certainly not! But through their fall, to provoke them to jealousy, salvation has come to the Gentiles. (Romans 11:11)

Considering this command…

  • How is it possible that a local church could not be engaged in Jewish evangelism, praying for and supporting Jewish missions?
  • How is it possible that our missions conferences do not include some type of emphasis on Jewish evangelism?

My dear brothers and sisters, though the Jewish population might be few, the salvation of Israel is still critical, since by reaching the remnant we are participating with God in accomplishing His plan for our world.

We do not want to do less to reach the nations of the world…we just want to do more to reach the Jewish people.

Yours in the Messiah,
Dr. Mitch Glaser
President of Chosen People Ministries

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Holocaust survivors in Israel are hearing about Jesus

Holocaust survivors in Israel are a very special community of Jewish people who understand the meaning of deliverance in ways that you and I will never be able to comprehend.

This group of elderly Jewish people is about 200,000 strong — and by one means or another these brave souls made their way to Israel over the last 68 years. Many of them immigrated to the Holy Land during the last two decades from various parts of the former Soviet Union.

These Holocaust survivors are now passing away at the rate of about 30,000 per year, and we cannot wait one more moment to present the Good News of eternal deliverance to these precious people.

Your Mission to the Jewish People, Chosen People Ministries, lovingly serves this community of Holocaust survivors in Israel in a variety of ways.

  1. We help them with practical concerns: food, clothing, repairing and cleaning their apartments, and much more.
  2. We spend time with them—taking them on trips so they can get out of the house, helping them celebrate the Jewish holidays, including Hanukkah, of course!
  3. Most of all we try to counter their loneliness by investing our time to sit by their side, to listen to them reminisce, and enjoy wonderful moments of conversation about the deeper matters of life.

Of course, in the midst of developing these wonderful relationships, the conversations naturally lead to discussions about God, everlasting life, and ultimate deliverance.

Incredible Stories of Deliverance

I have had many conversations over the years with Holocaust survivors about the ways in which God delivered them from certain death at the hands of the Nazis.

Some fled just moments before they were going to be taken away and sent to a concentration camp and, still today, they cannot figure out how their timing was so perfect. Others were about to be shot, and guards were distracted and somehow they ran into the woods and were saved by Gentile families who took them in and hid them from the Nazis.

As I have listened to story after story—it is so clear to me and to the survivors, that God reached down from heaven and saved them from death. Naturally, recognizing this leads to the question, “Why do you believe God saved you?”

It took several years of investment in their lives before the doors were open to having deeper spiritual conversations and before some of these precious Holocaust survivors began giving their lives to the Lord—but it is happening.

Chosen People Ministries’ staff have prayed with over a dozen Holocaust survivors to receive Jesus as their Savior in the land of Israel! It is impossible not to be moved by the stories of these Holocaust survivors!

Holocaust Survivors Are Seeking the Lord

Many of these special people are in process—raised as atheists in Eastern Europe, now in Israel, they are ready to begin seeking and talking about faith and what their future holds!

During this wonderful season of the year—all I can really think about is deliverance, redemption and the joy that comes from knowing the One whom to know is life eternal (John 17:3).

He is our joy, our hope, our comfort, our message and reason for the delight we take in celebrating this season of the year!

So let me say to you, personally: Happy Hanukkah, Merry Christmas, and thank you so much for your prayers and support and for being a part of our Chosen People Ministries family!

Without you, we could not be used by God to touch the lives of Holocaust survivors, religious Jewish people in Brooklyn and Jerusalem, and the secular Jewish people in New York City, Los Angeles, Toronto, Chicago, and all across the globe.

On behalf of the Chosen People Ministries staff, I want to thank you for standing with us in the great work of reaching His chosen people for the Messiah throughout 2016.

We believe the best is yet to come, as Jewish people are becoming more open to the Lord and as we draw closer to that great day when the Jewish people as a nation will turn to the Messiah and embrace Him as Lord.

As the Jewish apostle writes,

For I do not want you, brethren, to be uninformed of this mystery—so that you will not be wise in your own estimation—that a partial hardening has happened to Israel until the fullness of the Gentiles has come in; and so all Israel will be saved; just as it is written, “The Deliverer will come from Zion, He will remove ungodliness from Jacob.” This is my covenant with them, when I take away their sins.

(Romans 11:25-27)

Yours in Messiah,




Dr. Mitch Glaser
President of Chosen People Ministries

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Israel and the United States: A New Relationship?

Like you, my mind and prayers have been focused on the election this year.

Now the election is over, but our prayers must not stop. As America begins to heal and move forward, please continue praying for our nation and leaders.

There are two specific prayer requests I invite you to pray with me about:

  • Pray that the Lord will lead our new president to be a Psalm 1 type of person.
  • Pray for our new leaders to treat the nation of Israel with generosity and kindness, that Israel will be regarded as an ally and friend of America.

Both of these prayer requests are vitally important for our nation’s sake. Remember the words God spoke to our forefather Abraham:

“And I will bless those who bless you, and the one who curses you I will curse. And in you all the families of the earth will be blessed” (Genesis 12:3).

This promise is as true today as when God made it to Abraham — which is why you and I must pray that our new president will follow after God’s heart and bless Israel by standing with the Jewish people.

At the same time, the rising tide of antisemitism around the world presents a critical opportunity for Christians to show their love — the love of the Messiah — to the Jewish people. In the midst of attacks and hostility, your love can be a powerful testimony of God’s grace and mercy through Jesus the Messiah.

And now more than ever, the Jewish people are responding to the loving and hopeful message of the Gospel … on the Internet!

Simply by posting ads on Facebook or other online sites, you and I are able to engage Jewish people around the world with the message of Jesus — often offering Isaiah 53 Explained or other written material for more information.

By God’s grace we have been digitally discovered by more than 10,000 Jewish seekers who have ordered an Isaiah 53 Explained book or some other type of Gospel material from our websites!

The Internet is just the starting point for an ongoing conversation. One of our team members or partners always follows up personally with a phone call or email …

Amazingly, the Jewish people are responding and asking questions about Jesus!

Gabriel, one of our young staff workers in the Tel Aviv area, recently shared with me about one of his follow-up efforts with an Israeli student named Lior* who discovered Isaiah 53 Explained online…

“Lior got in touch with me to let me know that she received the book and started reading it. She felt that the book was too evangelistic and was surprised that there was not a big warning label on the book of its ‘missionary’ purpose.

“So I asked her why she ordered the book in the first place. It turned out Lior’s professor commented that the entire Old Testament is important, but Isaiah 53 is forbidden by the rabbis to be read by Jewish people.

“That same day, Lior returned home, went onto her Facebook, and saw our advertisement, ‘Isaiah 53 — The chapter that will change your life!’ She ordered the book, shocked that — in fact — we are allowed to freely read this very important chapter of Scripture.

“Please pray for Lior as we are talking and looking into the role of Messiah according to God’s Word. It is exciting to share with Lior as she, in an honest and open way, wants to know more about Messiah and understand our need for forgiveness.”

Right now, we have had requests from more than 1,500 Israeli seekers to receive Isaiah 53 Explained in Hebrew — and this is happening in the United States, too!

Many years ago, I led my dear friend Boris, a Russian Jewish brother, to the Lord and discipled him. Now, Boris serves with Chosen People Ministries in Florida and recently wrote to me about Sam* …

“Sam was thrilled when he read the information he found on the Florida Isaiah 53 Facebook page. He shared with me that for the last ten years he has been very interested in Jesus, God, and the Bible. You can imagine my happiness …

“I spoke with Sam for a good hour and touched on many passages from the Scriptures, from Genesis through the books of the New Testament.

“Sam was very open and a bit argumentative— but at the end of the conversation, we agreed to meet together and talk more. I hope there will be a good friendship between the two of us and I will be able to witness to him about Yeshua!”

I could tell you story after story like these — of precious people who are discovering the Messiah through online ads,, and the faithful efforts of our missionaries.

Thank you for your prayer. I pray that the Lord will fill your heart with thanksgiving and joy!

Yours in Messiah,

Dr. Mitch Glaser

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